23 April 2009

Jaunty FAQ

In the tradition of the FAQs I did the last few releases...

  1. Where can I get the Jaunty torrent?
  2. Why should I use a torrent?
    • It takes a load off of the servers so you'll get your ISO faster
  3. Anything Kubuntu users should know?
    • If you upgrade or use the DVD, you'll get PulseAudio. Don't worry, just sudo aptitude purge pulseaudio if you don't want it. I use it with Kubuntu because I've got Ubuntu too, and PulseAudio can do neat things, but anyway…
    • Quassel is the new default IRC client
    • Amarok 2 doesn't do CDs, iPod Touch, or iPhone
  4. I don't like these new black bubbles. How do I get rid of them?
    • Install sudo aptitude install gnome-stracciatella-session (or click on the package name). Log out, and on GDM, open the Options menu and go to Session (menu names may vary by theme) choose the Stracciatella option instead of just choosing GNOME. Log back in.
  5. What happened to the little orange update notifier icon?
    • The update manager window will open on its own within a day of when security updates become available. As for regular updates, the update manager will open a week after the last time you updated.
    • If you want the old way back, run this: gconftool -s --type bool /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch false
  6. How do I re-enable Ctrl+Alt+Backspace?
  7. Anything I can experiment with?
    • If you've got Intel graphics, there's a disabled-by-default acceleration method called UXA that uses DRI2. I think this means it's supposed to be all whiz-bang like higher-end graphics cards. It certainly gives me smoother animations. Warning: it's disabled by default because there are some graphics cards that misbehave horribly when it's enabled. For example, with i965, X will crash if you suspend while compositing is enabled and you're using UXA. The workaround would be to drop out of Compiz to Metacity or disabled Kwin's compositing before suspending. Instructions and card-specific warnings are on the wiki. By the way, if you have a totally blank xorg.conf and can't figure out how to fill it out, run sudo dexconf -o /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  8. What changed in PulseAudio?
    • It's now using autospawn, which means that if it crashes at some point, you're not left with silence. It'll start back up next time you try to play music or listen to a podcast or whatever it is you're doing that requires sound.
  9. How do I get rid of PulseAudio?
    • This has changed, since it's using autospawn. You need to disable that by editing /etc/pulse/client.conf and changing "autospawn = yes" on line 26 to "autospawn = no". Additionally, if this is a clean install, not an upgrade, you'll need to add your user to the audio group with sudo adduser USER audio replacing USER with your username.
  10. Where are the release notes?

I can't think of anything else. If you've got another question to add, post it in the comments.

I'm also pleased to say that the Intel 965 wireless and graphics are working extremely well in Jaunty. Yay! My computer's happy. X doesn't lock, VT switching works, no more kernel panics (I attribute the panics I had to Intel 965 wireless since my brother and I have matching laptops, except for that wireless card, and his doesn't crash, and mine did). So, thank you to the people who work on making Intel drivers be lovely.


Steven Harms said...

Thanks for the notes, good info

Nico said...

Amarok 2 doesn't do iPod Touch and iPhone.
In fact, the only software that does is gtkpod.

LP #362182

Mackenzie said...

Thanks Nico, updated to reflect that

tomas said...

That's a really nice FAQ. Thank you :)
BTW, just wondering: you are saying "PulseAudio can do neat things", which of the pulseaudio features YOU need/use that ALSA doesn't have?
PS: don't want to start discussion about pulseaudio - just want to know your opinion :)

Dan said...

Please don't mention /etc/group explicitly - you want, on Debian/Ubuntu systems, to use "adduser $USER audio".

Anonymous said...

"I'm also pleased to say that the Intel 965 wireless and graphics are working extremely well in Jaunty. Yay! My computer's happy. X doesn't lock, VT switching works, no more kernel panics..."My Intel 4965 AGN card is working fine, but I'm not sure I can say the same about Intel graphics. I'm assuming you manually un-blacklisted yours. I thought about doing the same for mine, but I generally like to experience things as the "average user" would. As such, my card's still blacklisted until the bug gets fixed. I mean I understand why it's blacklisted, but for the "average user" there's no 3D support at all. No AWN or Docky. No desktop effects. Isn't this kind of a major drawback for the release? If graphics are working as well as you say, why are they even still blacklisted?

Or did they unblacklist the cards or do something different for the final release that I'm not aware of? To be honest, I was very much looking forward to this release up until the last month when I realized Intel's graphics stack was going to muck it all up for a huge portion of our users.

Still, I must say the more I use Ubuntu, the more I want to experiment and test what's coming. I'm contemplating running 2.6.30-rc3 and the xorg edgers ppa with intel 2.7 graphics. Curiosity always gets the best of me :)

Anyways, I don't want to sound like I'm bitching too much. This whole situation just left a bitter taste in my mouth. From things that are under the control of the Ubuntu community, this is a pretty solid release, and everyone should be congratulated for that!

dadgadjohn said...

I'm looking forward to updating, but I usually wait a few weeks until things calm down a bit.

I'm doing a clean install of Xubuntu this time. I don't know why, I just have it in my head that I want to mess with Xfce for a while.

Excellent FAQ, and enjoy the new BUNTU.

Mackenzie said...

I use Xmonad + compmgr, and everything's working fine. I think Compiz had 965 blacklisted recently due to an upstream change where they expected UXA and it had to be blacklisted with UXA, but that doesn't apply with the default that Ubuntu uses EXA, so they have to unblacklist it. I don't know if it was done before release or not, though, since I don't use Compiz.

OK, I'll fix that.

Mackenzie said...

A couple days ago Dan (who commented right after you) played music over the LAN from his computer through my speakers. He says he can make it so that he can keep listening through his headphones while it comes out on both of our computers if he wanted to share without annoying everyone else in the room. I think that's pretty cool.

Another cool thing is moving an output stream from one sound card to another (say, from speakers to USB headset, or from local speakers to remote ones as above) without needing to pause or anything. Nothing unusual is going on as far as the application is concerned, because PulseAudio is abstracting it all away.

Anonymous said...

About that autospawn of pulseaudio: many times my pulseaudio was just stuck at some point. Does it detect that now? And another thing: if it autospawns while my firefox is on, will flash still have audio afterwards? (i used to restart it when it crashed and then i had to restart firefox to be able to hear anything..)

Thanks alot for the FAQ

Mackenzie said...

Right, it should all work as planned.

Fran├žois said...

Thanks for the update icon tip. I don't understand how the old notification can be considered as intrusive while at the same time removing that that icon to open a new window without asking the user first...

tomas said...

Do you have USB headset? Multiple sound cards that you want to use simultaneously? [I was asking for the features that you need]

Jussi01 said...

What exactly does "sudo dexconf -o /etc/X11/xorg.conf" do??

tomas said...

Short answer: generates default xorg config.
Long one from man page (man dexconf):
generate Xorg X server configuration file from debconf data
Anyway, I don't think "-o /etc/X11/xorg.conf" is needed as it uses /etc/X11/xorg.conf by default.

istoff said...

Is it just me or is the Release Notes more like an unfixed bugs list?

I don't mean to sound ungrateful or unappreciative of the work done for this release, but it seems the release notes should highlight the improvements and then list the problems at the end.

I suppose its politically incorrect to be a moaner, but I have 3 pc's that have been running jaunty-devel without major issues and its depressing to read that Release Notes page.

Mackenzie said...

They thought the orange icon wasn't intrusive enough, and that that was causing people to not realize they had updates. So they decided to make it really intrusive.

I need to get one ;) My laptop's built-in mic doesn't seem to be working so great right now...many many built-in mics broke in Jaunty.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "new black bubbles"?

Mackenzie said...

The notifications in Jaunty are black bubbles in the top right corner of the screen. Some people aren't happy with them because they want to be able to change colors and position, the way they could with the old notifications.

Anonymous said...

Quite a few useful things there, especially about disabling update-manager popups. I thought it was a bug, and I still question the usefulness of this annoying "feature".

Hot_AZ_Lavah said...

i followed the instructions to replace the black pop-up bubbles, but do not have the Stracciatella option in GDM option sessions...any ideas?

Mackenzie said...

I'm not using GNOME so I don't know the exact wording...maybe it says "GNOME Stracciatella Session" or "GNOME Vanilla Session"? Something other than plain old "GNOME"

greencross said...

Thanks a lot. Was quite useful.

Eddy said...

Both Amarok and gtkpod can sync iPod Touch and iPhone running the 1.x firmware:


However they may be jailbroken to work:


See you...

Anonymous said...

Some good tips here. I especially like the fact it has solutions for people who don't like the new features introduced with Jaunty.

Good post.


Anonymous said...

this is really a good post also the amount of comments that have come in are really very informative.