25 September 2009

Going to Ohio

I've mentioned Ohio LinuxFest here before, but hey…it's almost time! I'm currently at the "checkpoint" on the trip to Columbus. By that I mean, a coworker and I are crashing at our bosses' house. We're leaving in about 4 hours.

I'm working on my slides. My talk is called "Sysadmins' Rosetta Stone" and is about all those little things that trip you up when you switch from Debian or Ubuntu to Red Hat or Fedora…or vice-versa. It's aimed at system administrators, though, so fair warning. I just took a second look at the schedule, and it appears I am scheduled to speak at the same time as my coworker and boss, Scott Courtney and David Boyes. They're talking about IBM VM. I wonder if the opening line will be "back in my day…" ;-)

I'm thinking I'll also go to Cat Allman's "Getting Started in Free and Open Source" to get ideas for sharing with beginners and Dru Lavigne's "BSD for Linux Users," since I have a friend that's always trying to switch me to FreeBSD and every time I use OSX I have to relearn the flags for various commands (ex: ls --color is ls -G on BSD…I think). Elizabeth Garbee is an excellent speaker, so I think I'll attend her "How to Use Open Source to Pay for a College Education." After her…well, I'm not so sure. Maybe Mike Badger's "Programming for the Young and Young at Heart" to get tips on teaching kids, or maybe Tom Callaway's "Legalities of FOSS from a Hacker's Perspective." After that, Jorge is doing "Building a Community Around Your Project." For the last time slot with choices, I'm still unsure about Patrick Wagstrom's "Be a Wonk! Open Source, Government Policy, and You" or Catherine Devlin's "reStructured Text: Plain Text Gets Superpowers."

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jfw said...

Good luck on your presentation and have fun... wish I could be there.


Hussen Shambesh (Software Engineer) said...

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etank said...

I was present at OLF for your presentation and thought that you did a great job. Would it be possible to get a copy of the slides that you had? I am planning on giving a presentation much like yours at a LUG meeting in the coming month.

Thanks in advance
Eric Lake (etank)

Mackenzie said...

They're on SlideShare