06 October 2009

Attention Folks

TRIGGER WARNING: Victims of violence or sexual assault may want to stop reading.

With all the discussion of sexism in FOSS this year, a certain individual calling himself MikeeUSA is back. I realize many people are not aware of this individual. He is notorious in certain circles for very good reasons. 2005 is the earliest record I know of him harassing women involved with Debian and LinuxChix. And last year, he sent death threats to many women involved in Debian development.

He's back, pasting the same comment to many blogs repeatedly. Not everyone has removed the disgusting comment, so I'm sure you can find it if you want. But, here's a summary of his beliefs:

  1. Hans Reiser was justified in murdering his ex-wife since she divorced him; the only down-side is that he can't code while in prison
  2. Men have the right to rape women, and rape laws are stealing that right
  3. Pretty much all laws that require treating women as well as you treat your dog require stealing men's rights
  4. etc.

I hope you can see where this is going. Obviously nowhere good.

My advice? Do not engage; he is not receptive. Delete with impunity. Note also that he uses Tor, so an IP address block on your blog comments won't work; email address block should work for a while. Also, warn the others, and tell women you know involved in Free Software that if this guy comes after them in any way, they NEED to speak up.

Yes, I know, this blog has been very offtopic for a while now. I'm sorry. The software I'm most impressed by at the moment isn't packaged in Ubuntu though! I know, I need to go file a FFe to get it synced from Debian so I can write about it.


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear about this. >.> Hopefully everyone will have the good sense to delete his comments with impunity -- that's the word you were looking for, BTW.

Thank you for keeping us all posted.

Mackenzie said...

Thanks. I can't think/type at 3am ;)

Anonymous said...

Welcome. ^.^

David Nielsen said...

Sorry, I don't really subscribe to censorship. I would prefer giving this guy the amount of rope he needs to hang himself.

Rather his grossly misinformed posts be there for the world to see. Any prospective employeer or his noodlyness forbid girlfriend for instance wanting to check up on him before commiting to anything will be sure to find his insane rants as the first thing on Google.

By removing them you are merely removing the evidence of such behavior. You are bearing the cost of it and not him.

Let him hang himself all he wants, ignore him, or if you feel like it debate him. I know this type of person, if you delete his posts and encourage others to do so, he will believe himself a martyr and us to be scared of his truth. You will only increase his desire to spread his gospel any way he can.

He is fundamentally a true believer.

Mackenzie said...

You'd make sense IF he was using his real name for all of this. However, he's obviously using an alias (do you really think MikeeUSA is his given name? come on!). That means having his spew visible isn't going to help potential employers or girlfriends track him down.

Secondly, leaving it up seems a bit too much like tacit agreement. Go see what he writes, and tell me it doesn't require that trigger warning I posted at the top. Then remember that random folks' blog comments will NOT include such a trigger warning, meaning potential PTSD for those who happen to stumble across the comments on a blog where someone decided removing threats was censorship.

Finally, he's already given himself plenty of rope. We don't need to see more of it.

doctormo said...

Allowing hate filled comments to remain on your blog just so you can prove to readers that "he has as much rope to hang himself" is a fallacy.

It firstly requires readers to be well versed in the issues to be able to react correctly, secondly gives a theater and stage for these hate filled performances and thirdly does nothing to show how unreceptive of these kinds of posts we are.

Remove them and then if you must give some form of free speech, and explain why it was removed and why it's not considered free speech to harm others psychologically.

directhex said...

He appears to still have full posting rights over on the ITWire forums. The only time I've ever seen any threats of bans over there was for criticising Sam Varghese's inability to behave as a respectable journalist. Ho hum. Trigger warning, blah blah: http://discuss.itwire.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=15327

Anonymous said...

It's not censorship. He has every right to post whatever he wants on his own blog or whatever, but nobody else is required to let him spew hate on theirs.

As Lefty said recently, "Freedom of the press does not mean that you are free to use my press."

Jonathan Carter said...

Does anyone actually know anything about him? His location/name, etc?

directhex said...


Doing some digging. Seems to be active in a few communities.

Sense Hofstede said...

I'm hesitant to remove comments, althought I did (twice, once reposted) remove one of MikeUSA's two comments on my blog. I agree that the contents of them are shocking and appaling for many people, but I promised not to remove the first one and I'm not going to remove it now.
However, you did convince me that it may be not that smart to leave new comments there.

directhex said...

First true fact: MikeeUSA is 22 or 23 (claimed he was 18 in January 2005, see http://emu.freenetproject.org/irc/2005-01-04)

Second true fact: MikeeUSA's surname starts with a B (see http://sourceforge.net/users/mikeeusa/)

Third true fact: MikeeUSA is involved with several projects, including http://sourceforge.net/projects/crossfire/ and http://sourceforge.net/projects/mikeesmedia/ and http://sourceforge.net/projects/vegastrike/

Fourth true fact: MikeeUSA has been trolling the intertubes since he was 14, maybe longer (see http://www.mail-archive.com/tech@freenetproject.org/msg00809.html)

Fifth true fact: MikeeUSA had a DeviantArt page, until he was banned (see http://mikeeusa.deviantart.com/)

Sixth true fact: MikeeUSA has a blog (see http://mikeeusa.pressword.com/)

Seventh true fact: MikeeUSA makes maps for Nexuiz. They're well-regarded, but he's decried as a bigot on assorted Nexuiz forums (see http://www.nexuizninjaz.com/forum/reputation.php?uid=104)

Eighth true fact: MikeeUSA used to run a whole bunch of services, including game servers & his personal website, from his home server via a DynDNS domain, until he was kickbanned & threatened with legal action (formerly at cat2.ath.cx - now available at https://ool-45711b0d.dyn.optonline.net/cat2/news.html) - check the awesome artwork on the "Propaganda" page. Also, confirm the "B" initial (was once on Angelfire, at angelfire.com/mb2

directhex said...

Ninth true fact: the assholes of Anonymous consider MikeeUSA to be made of Fail (see http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Mikeeusa)

Tenth true fact: MikeeUSA may be a Muslim (see http://www.islamicaweb.com/forums/members/xivhen/)

Eleventh true fact: MikeeUSA's server is on Optimum Online, in bay Shore, New York (

directhex said...

Twelfth true fact: MikeeUSA loves Tor (see http://server.privacyfoundation.de/torstatus/router_detail.php?FP=79e7175efd653c30e31e8e08e3511941786a30a1)

Thirteenth true fact: MikeeUSA knows someone called Payal Rathod, who had an email address on his personal server (see http://article.gmane.org/gmane.mail.getmail.user/924)

directhex said...

That's all I have.

David Nielsen said...

I don't really see the merit of the "It's just an alias and won't lead to bad press for the actual person" argument for deletion.

As Mr. Shields just demonstrated an alias is not a very good way to hide. It is fairly easy to expose these peoples real identity and given proper commenting policy you are well within your rights to perform such investigation. We already know his ip address, and considering that he has uttered threats of violence and death, the responsible thing to do is to turn that data over to the police.

Additionally once done post a comment (or appending it to the existing post if that is felt to be better) with the information and voila the name is now tied to the rant he was to cowardly to stand by using his real identity.

I don't agree with the "non deletion assumes acception and agreement" argument either. It might be my blog but the comments are clearly the opinion of 3rd parties. This again comes down to having a commenting policy. Regardless of that, why would the fact that I don't delete a comment lead anyone to think I agree with it. I get posters whom I agree with, and those I do not. I will and do debate both kinds of people.

To be clear, I think Mike is a douchebag whose claims are based in falsehoods and poor logic but he does not become less of a douche nor more informed about proper debating technics if I delete his comments. I do however estimate from experience that it would be likely to enforce his delusions and giving him more fuel to continue if I impede his ranting. Worst case would be that he feels the need to express himself by taking action.

I would hope that what ever course taken by people it would lead to investigations into MikeeUSA by the police. We most certainly have cause for concern. I hate to think of fellow developers fearing for their lives, no human being should live under such conditions. I am no stranger to that kind of threat, I get them occasionally for comments critical of religion in non-blogging contexts. I am all for removing this scumbag from the streets, I merely disagree with the method advocated as being symptom removal rather than cause removal.

Mackenzie said...

So which of his many fake names did you find Jo? I've seen evidence connecting his nick to a real identity before, and that's not the one you hit.

Can you not read? What do you mean "we already have his IP address?" You have the IP address of some Tor gateway, not him!

jean.frm said...

Some days, I am ashamed being a man...
Keep on the fight!

David said...

Mackenzie, I hate to go off topic, but I'm curious what this software you're "most impressed by at the moment" is. I'd like to try it out.

Anonymous said...


MikeeUSA was there too

Anonymous said...


What's amazing here, that you can identify always the very same person being this *whateveritis*.

I wonder if all the traces you put here are pointing to the very same person which trolls around.

Anyways, regarding the original Post of Mackenzie, I'm really surprised that nobody is trying to incriminate him.

Real World Law Enforcement works very good, so in a lucky moment you would also get the real name from a provider e.g.



Mackenzie said...

It's called "MyPaint" and I'm loving it because I just got a Wacom tablet and started studying Japanese again. I can do brush calligraphy!

Anonymous said...

It seems problematic that his religion is being discussed (why is it relevant?), although, to clarify, he does not appear to be a Muslim (per the "tenth true fact"), see:


where he describes himself as an apostate from Christianity.

Bob said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jcr said...

David, the creep's right to express himself doesn't include a right to use someone else's blog to do so. Deleting a troll's comments has nothing to do with censorship, it's an exercise of the blogger's property rights.