21 October 2009

Care Bears

Americans between ages 20 and 30 probably remember the Care Bears, a TV show where the Care Bears (which look like teddy bears), who are from Care-a-Lot fight off mean characters with the power of caring. Their attack is called the Care Bear Stare and their tummies have little icons that light up and shoot whatever their power is at the enemy. I'm not sure why, but one was Grumpy Bear. There was also Funshine Bear, Friend Bear, and a few others, including Cheer Bear. Cheer Bear's motto was "when in doubt, SMILE!" and had the power to make others happy.

Where am I going with this? Yesterday, Amber commented that Daniel Holbach* has a contagious smile, and somehow I immediately thought of Cheer Bear. James Westby agreed that putting the two together kinda made sense. So, I did:

It does make sense, right? I mean, you just can't hang around the guy without getting at least 1 hug (more likely: a half dozen) and a huge grin.

Yeah yeah, off topic for this blog (again), but Jorge Castro said I had to blog the picture of his Care Bear coworker.

* To those who don't follow Ubuntu development and thus going "uh…who's Daniel Holbach?" He's one of Ubuntu's Community Council members, and a developer, and…ya know the list's too long.


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Haha... you guys are awesome! :-)

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Not just limited to Americans ;)

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