29 October 2009

Karmic FAQ

(Planet people: sorry if this pops up >1 time...when I add another question, Blogger thinks it has to bump it up in the RSS feed)

Following tradition, here's my Karmic FAQ:

  1. How should I download?
    • Torrents, to keep the strain off the servers. There are IPv6 torrent files available as well, as a test so Canonical can see how many Ubuntu users are on IPv6 and thus how much support to give it. They don't list KTorrent as one of the clients that can do the IPv6 torrents, but I'm using it right now.
    • Or if you have a Beta or RC .iso sitting around zsync to the final
  2. I have a netbook. What are my options?
  3. How's audio?
  4. Where'd Add/Remove go?
  5. Does Ubuntu Software Center sell proprietary software? I heard it did.
    • Not yet. There are plans in about a year to allow those commercial developers who are willing to support Linux to sell apps through it.
  6. Can I use Ubuntu One with Kubuntu?
  7. Why Empathy? I like Pidgin!
    • You're welcome to keep using Pidgin, but here are a few things Empathy has going for it:
      • It's the GNOME default
      • It can do audio/video chat
      • The Telepathy framework lets it integrate better into the rest of the desktop
      • As Jono mentioned you can do desktop sharing through it
  8. What happened to GDM theming?
    • The new GDM uses the GTK theme for the gdm user. To change it, you'll need to run gksudo -u gdm gnome-appearance-properties and select a new theme
  9. Wasn't Gwibber supposed to be included?
    • Gwibber 2.0 was not ready in time. It is available in Universe.
  10. New theme yet?
    • Yes! Softer icons, chocolate highlights, and orange wallpaper
  11. Can Amarok play CDs yet?
    • Yes
  12. Do Intel graphics not-suck this time?
    • Yes, they're very nice actually! Thanks to KMS, Intel graphics users can expect instantaneous resume from suspend!
  13. How's Kubuntu's network manager?
    • It works this time
  14. I upgraded from Jaunty and now have no sound. What do I do?
    • Run uname -r. Does it say "2.6.31-14-generic"? If it still says 2.6.28-16-generic, you're not running Karmic's kernel. Some people are having trouble with GRUB not showing new kernels. Try running sudo update-grub and then rebooting.

Additionally, I wrote an overview of Ubuntu and Kubuntu for another blog, if you'd like to check that out.

PS: Let me know in the comments if there's anything you think I should add!


Jeffrey Seguerra said...

Nice FAQ!

one question... is Kubuntu's Mobile Broadband working good this time?

mariuz said...

one way to install kubuntu-netbook

is with sudo apt-get install kubuntu-netbook

another good tweeter/identi.ca client is qtwitter

for messanging i use psi seems the most advanced jabber/xmpp client

ഞാന്‍ said...

pidgin 2.6.1 too can audio/video chat (only gtalk)

nice FAQ :)

Martin said...

hey there,

i wanna ask you if i may translate your q&a and republish it on my blog (linuxlounge.net) in german, of course with a backreference.

i find this posts sort of useful :)


Mackenzie said...

ഞാന്‍ :
Pidgin 2.6.1 was released and suddenly had a/v support to everyone's surprise...month's after Empathy was decided upon.

Yes, of course! Translations are always welcome :)

優質行動網 said...
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Anonymous said...
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nitrofurano said...

Karmic is awesome on the desktop computer, but it sucks on the MacBook - i lost the brightness control from keyboard, i still can't use the webcam, etc.

Mackenzie said...

Was it really necessary to post THREE commonts on 3 separate posts talking about your MacBook's webcam? Just because one specific webcam doesn't work with Linux doesn't mean there's no support for webcams at all...Apple just has very proprietary hardware.

Mackenzie said...

Also, if the brightness control used to work and stopped...file a bug! And tag it "regression," please.

Guru Prasad said...

How do i upgrade from ubuntu 8.10 intrepid ibex to 9.10 karmic...i dont want to do a fresh install because it requires a backup of my data...i also don't have a internet connection for my PC...

Mackenzie said...

You can upgrade from 8.10 to 9.04 then 9.04 to 9.10 using 9.04 and 9.10 alternate CDs.

Or you can do a clean install, and on the partitioning section, choose "Manual", tell it to reuse your old partition, and tell it to NOT format that partition. It'll delete everything but /home so your data stays there.

Bob Moore said...

Are you accepting exchange link

Shot said...

‘Do Intel graphics not-suck this time?’ – unfortunately, they suck in a new way; the performance is about half of what I get under Jaunty (and neither x-updates nor xorg-edgers have a fix yet). :(

j2me said...

http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.com/ if there were votes i would have voted it for blog of note :) nice blog Mackenzie :) came via http://identi.ca/maco

Nigel said...

Great post Mackenzie. This blog is a testament to your geekiness :)

Raj Solo said...

Your blog is very nice. Thanks for providing the tips etc.
I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 it was my dream for long years i use Ubuntu now it come true.My Crazy! i installed in my Desktop and laptop also! lol

I have a question. I don't want traditional type system tray look i need something like Project Looking glass ( http://www.sun.com/software/looking_glass/ ) type small half system tray theme.. can you suggest me some good theme

hhh said...

Hey, thanks for the FAQ. That's an amazing tip about doing a clean install but saving /home, it's the first time I've ever heard of it. Do you know if that is supposed to still work when it's time to upgrade from Karmic to Lucid?

OT, I don't see your RSS feed, didn't you used to have one?


Mackenzie said...

That /home thing has been around since Hardy at least, and there are no plans to get rid of it.

I do have an RSS feed. Look in your browser's addressbar. It should show an icon for it...

hhh said...

Thanks for the (quick!) reply. Brain fart on the RSS link, I still look for them on the page even though Firefox has had that feature forever.

BTW, did you know someone is reposting all of your posts?

Thanks again for a really cool tip,

Hasan (hhh)

Mackenzie said...

Yeah, I came across that one before. I need to go bug them about permalink + name. My blog is CC-licensed, but they still need to say "Mackenzie Morgan" and link to the same page it came from.