23 April 2010

iPod Touch on Lucid

Plenty of folks have reported so far that their iPod Touches work with Lucid. Well, my brother has one he got for Christmas, and he says it's not working for him. He came up with a (very plausible) hypothesis though. Maybe it has to be used with Windows or OSX once (as some sort of activation mechanism?) before it'll talk to a Linux machine.

So, I'm asking: have any of you have an iPod Touch and used it on Ubuntu 10.04 without first using it on a proprietary OS and had it work?

EDIT: That was quick! Matthew Garrett says that one sync with iTunes is needed before it can be used with Linux.

EDIT2: Paul Sladen adds: I don't think we can generate the initial databases first time


Lamalex said...

You definitely need to connect regular ipods to a *windows* machine before you can use them on Ubuntu. Probably the same for the touch versions.

MagicFab said...

I bet another sync in the future will break this :(

Troy James Sobotka said...

It has to do with the filesystem.

HFS+ has some strangeness / irregularity supporting writing (as far as I have researched.)

The first 'setup' on a Windows box is actually a full reformat of the iPod to FAT.

If you reformat the device from Linux using the hfs packages, it will work, at least partially. Seems to be flakey as hell.

Phil said...

Use gtkpod. I've never connected my ipod to either Windows or a Mac.


Anonymous said...

@Phil, how old is your ipod. I think it's only newer ones that require "activation" by itunes.

Anonymous said...

I just got rid of my itouch because of that. I now use a nokia 5800 phone, which is a touch screen world phone, mp3 player, organizational device that has its own app store (Ovi store) and comes with an 8g memory card (with an extra slot so can be expanded to 16g of memory).

The best thing is that I have total control over the phone. All I do is take out the memory card, insert it into my computer and transfer the media that way. The phone's os updates through the phone itself.

A 3 year contract with rogers (at&t) got me the phone at 50$. The only change to my phone plan was 8&/mth for unlimited internet access.

I no longer need to rely on itunes in an ubuntu world. So glad I switched!

enzy said...


My issue was that i had enabled the numberic lock on the lockscreen. Once i disabled that it synced flawlessly.

Anonymous said...

IPod Touch works with Linux. If it is brand new first u need iTunes to setup your iPod. iTunes is available for only Wndows and Mac. Not for Linux. I have iPod Touch 32GB 3rd Gen. With lucid Rythm box you can copy music to your iPod(Mp3) vice versa. Basically u need iTunes.

Anonymous said...

I heard/read Apple is going to release iTunes, to work on a web browser. If that is the case we don't have to worry about syncing in Linux.

bomberspec said...

I had to hook my Ipod Nano 5g to a windows computer before my files would show up on it.

Anonymous said...

I have an iPod Touch 3G. I synced it with iTunes on Windows, but when I synced it using Rhythmbox, it played well directly through Rythmbox, but failed afterward to play as a stand alone music player thereafter (Music app). I had to re-sync it on a Windows box to get it to work.

I *suspect* this has to do with how iTunes determines gapless playback info, while Rhythmbox does not, which b0rked it on stand alone playback.