13 May 2010

Ubuntu Developer Processes presentation from CALUG

Last night I did a presentation on Ubuntu Developer Processes for Columbia (MD) Area Linux User Group. You can find the slides on SlideShare.

EDIT: Ohhh I can embed it! Neat!


Mange said...

This is very, very cool. I had a bit of trouble reading the main menu slides and realizing that there was more text which was faded out, but that might be my monitor or something. The humour is something that too often gets dropped from presentations, but I thought you put just the right amount in to break up the flow of information. How active is your LUG?

Mackenzie said...

Contrast settings on your monitor, I'm guessing. The grey works fine on my screens and on the projector.

I'm not actually a member of this LUG as it's a bit of a train ride away. The guy who runs CALUG and the Maryland LoCo has been asking me to speak there for a while now though. The LUG meets monthly.

The LUG nearer to me is supposed to meet monthly but really ends up canceling a few times a year due to lack of speakers.

Embedded SPI said...

Thanks for coming all the way out to Columbia - I was at the presentation and it was actually my first time attending a CALUG event. I thought it was pretty informative and you were a great presenter, humour included. You might even have convinced me to take another look at Ubuntu from a developer perspective.

Jon said...

Thanks for the slides; I had no idea all this was going on. Is there a wiki page or blueprint describing/summarizing?

Is the per-package uploader something like DM, i.e. upload rights to a particular package only rather than full MOTU?

Mackenzie said...

Well, I think DM's can upload anything that's marked for Maintainer Upload in debian/control. But yeah, this means that someone can have upload rights to *just* one package if that's what they focus on.

Mackenzie said...

Oh duh you asked for wiki links.

Distributed Development docs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DistributedDevelopment

Archive Reorg:

Jon said...

Thanks; looks like I'm learning bzr in the not-too-distant future. (Probably be an ongoing issue, since git seems the popular choice in Debian, hg probably the second. I should give bzr props for having a lot more support for git plugins than vice-versa.)

Some of the DM docs gloss over it, but for a DM to upload a package it has to be DM-Upload-Allowed and the DM has to be already listed in Maintainer or Uploaders. So DMs can't NMU and need at least one sponsored upload before they strike out on their own. Add in the Team Upload process (which I believe was pretty Ubuntu-inspired) and Debian's gained a lot of development flexibility lately.

Mackenzie said...

Ah ok, I didn't realise they had to be listed in the Maintainers/Uploaders section. Good to know.