29 June 2010

OLF CFP extended!

If you haven't submitted a proposal to Ohio LinuxFest yet, don't fret. The CFP has been extended to next Wednesday (7/7). Go to the CFP webpage to submit your proposal.


Anonymous said...

got a question for you mack, how come in KDE I can download a exe, right click and go to OPEN WITH WINE and the exe opens and I can install it, but in WINE with KDE, I right click and go to open with wine, the bouncing wine cup comes up on the screen but then it just dissapears. I think I have all the wine dependencies installed.

Here is a screenshot


of what wine applications I have installed, Hope its the right ones

Thanks for the help!

Mackenzie said...

I don't use WINE, so I don't know. Scott Richie is the person that's been handling WINE integration, I think. Also, what you said was rather contradictory. In both cases you spoke of WINE with KDE...

Anonymous said...

ahh dang!

Oops, I had it edited and changed to GNOME I guess when I hit SEND it reverted back whoops!

--- Christopher

Anonymous said...

I figured it out you gotta right click and go to permissions and then mark as exe and wine works

I just reciently downgraded to kde 3.5 I hate how 4.x fights for sound if I have chrome up I cant get sound from pidgin. So I went back to Kubuntu 8.04 hope to stay with it as long as I can or until Kde 4.x fixes that bug and it works right.

--- Christopher