10 July 2010

Ubuntu Women t-shirt design + wallpaper

Probably a year or so ago, I made this design and submitted it as a possible Ubuntu Women t-shirt:

Ubuntu Women t shirt design (old) (download SVG source—you'll need the old Ubuntu Title font to render the SVG properly)

Today I requested SVGs of the new logos popping up around the *buntusphere, and Martin Owens had them all so went and modified my design. I think it's beautiful!

Ubuntu Women design (new) (download the SVG source —you'll need the new beta Ubuntu font to render the SVG properly)

He added flower petals around the logos, now that they're all perfect circles, and he even added a FLOSS flower to it! Love it! Lyz is looking into getting t-shirts made with this on it and how the Ubuntu trademark stuff factors in. Finally, Martin turned this into a really nice wallpaper:

Ubuntu Women wallpaper

All of the above is CC-BY-SA, but it's still subject to Canonical's Ubuntu trademark rules thanks to the Ubuntu logo in there.


Anonymous said...

Nice, thx! My girlfriend will like this :)

Laura said...

Thanks Maco ,love this logo definitely getting a t-shirt made up with it !

Katie said...

Please excuse my lack of familiarity with Ubuntu projects' logos - what are the other logos (besides Ubuntu Women) that appear in this design? I recognize Kubuntu's, but that's about it.

Lovely design, btw.

Mackenzie said...

The one with the person raising their hand is Edubuntu. The blue one with the lines radiating out is Ubuntu Studio. The mouse is Xubuntu, and the GNU is FLOSS.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like it :)