04 October 2010

Help Bryen out

Bryen Yunashko of GNOME Accessibility had his equipment stolen. He's in Spain for the GNOME-A11y Hackfest, and on his way from Barcelona to Sevilla (where the hackfest is going on), his bags with his 17" laptop, Kindle, 1TB hard disk, and camera were stolen. He's visually impaired and deaf (so screen-readers are out), so those items were bought with that in mind. 17" so he can see the screen, Kindle because it zooms unlike paper, and a camera with many lenses because it helps him see. He picked up a cheap netbook so he can still hack while at the hackfest, but the tiny screen makes it hard to use with his vision.

A collection is being taken to replace the stolen equipment.

Click here to lend your support to: Replace Bryen

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