29 October 2010

Please chip in

Amber and Pete Graner house was struck by lightning while they were at UDS. Their kids and dog are fine, but their stuff is all burnt up. It'll be a while before insurance gets all worked out, and in the meantime, they need to be able to get things like clothes, shoes, etc. Rikki Kite setup a Chip In for the Graners for anyone who wants to give them a bit of money to get back on their feet. Consider it an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/Wintereenmas gift.

This is the third one of these events where the community came together to help out after a disaster, and I find it really amazing. It's reminding me a bit of what I read about the Amish recently.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering why I couldn't see the donation / meter information. Flash needs to be active for it to show.

CandyAddict.com said...

If they are in the US, the Red Cross will help with "clothes, shoes, etc".

Stephan said...

I thought that this kind of incidents stopped some 258 years ago because Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod.

By the way @magicfab:

"Flash needs to be active for it to show" is really very sarcastic in this case ;-)

Mackenzie said...

They had a lightning rod. These things aren't perfect. Sometimes lightning doesn't strike the highest point if the charge elsewhere is just too strong, and sometimes the lightning rod isn't properly grounded (this was a very old house).