26 April 2011

Future uploaders

After seeing someone say on the Debian Women mailing list that she maintains 4 packages but isn't sure she's good enough for upload rights in Debian, I was had a thought again that I've had before but don't think I've ever said here. If you're a sponsor, and you think you're sponsee is ready, tell them!
Rich Johnson once told me he was uploading through sponsors for years before his sponsors finally got annoyed enough to scold him into applying for MOTU. I've also been told that Sarah Hobbse's application for core-dev was submitted by a sponsor with a note to be on IRC at a certain time for the meeting, when the sponsors decided the person was taking too long to apply. Possibly true, given the person who told me that used to be on the MOTU Council (the council that used to approve new MOTU before the Developer Membership Board came along). ScottK has corroborated that story.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. The junior contributor may not be aware whether her contributions rate high enough to "unlock the next level". Or she may be afraid of rejection if her application isn't good enough yet. Or perhaps she think it's too self-serving to self-nominate.