24 May 2011

User Experience Survey

Note: this is not about the Advertising team survey, which has a very different focus but was inspirational.

When your interaction with other Ubuntu users is entirely made up of developers talking about bugs they need to fix and users seeking support (IRC, forums, bug reports), your perspective changes. It's hard to get a good idea of the big picture. What portion of users are hitting problems in what areas? How do users who've reported bugs feel about the experience? How are the local community teams doing? That kind of stuff is hard to wrap your head around without metrics. Sometimes people get the impression Ubuntu Developers don't care what users think, but it's actually really hard to get a balanced view of things with just bug reports or to tell whether an upset group is a vocal minority or a vocal majority. And unfortunately, massive-scale mind-reading has not yet been perfected.

To that end, I've worked with a bunch of other members of the Ubuntu community (Alan Bell, Lyz Krumbach, Valorie Zimmerman, Joseph Price, and others) to create a survey that'll help those of us working on various parts of Ubuntu understand where we need to improve and how we can do better.

If you have an opinion on Ubuntu, please take 5 minutes to fill out the Ubuntu User-Experience survey.

I would like to repeat the survey in other languages as well, but I don't know any other languages fluently enough. If you would like to translate the survey into your language, email me translations at: maco [DOT] m [AT] ubuntu [DOT] com -- I suggest sending it as an attachment with a message like "here are the translations for $language" so GMail doesn't go "non-English text! Must be spam!"

PS: go here for translations and eventual results


Anonymous said...

Will the results be made publicly available?

Mackenzie said...

Yes, the result analysis (percent with which opinion, percent doing which activities, etc.) will be available. Raw data, though, can be too personally identifiable (vision-impaired user in $city who does x, y, and z...)

Anonymous said...

hey are you still using linux?

I enjoyed your blog but havent seen an entry in awhile from you!

=== Christopher

Mackenzie said...

Yes, I do still use Kubuntu. I am no longer an Ubuntu Developer, though.

Anonymous said...

oh wow so sorry to hear..

Me too I use kubuntu also :)

Glad to see your still around even though you dont write anymore :)

-- Christopher

Mackenzie said...

I wasn't kicked out or anything :) I just burned out on drama, so I quit. I still hang around some of the IRC channels and will answer questions about packaging when asked for help.

Anonymous said...

hows the Kubuntuing going :D I guess your prob on 13.04 now.

For some reason LUBUNTU only comes in 13.04 on their site. which is odd there is no L

I sort of fell in love with LDXE and L-O-V-I-N-G IT... I use to be a KDE Only person but to me KDE is a memory hog unfortunately I do miss the 3.5 days that was my favourite ( ok thats odd how did Firefox get in Brit English? hmm) I really dont care for KDE 4.x :(

Wow congrats on DC... what are you programing for windows or mac or Linux etc?


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh blogger ate my comment

wow your in DC now cool so what are you programming for Win or Nix or Mac?

Hows kubuntuing going? I guess your on 13.04 now.. I have fell in L-O-V-E with LDXE and Lubuntu im on a pc with 512 memory and its so light I feel KDE is so memory heavy now its redic.


Mackenzie said...

I've been in the DC area for 7 years, no surprise.

I'm on Kubuntu 11.10 at work (because I'd need a new VMWare license if I upgraded to a newer kernel). At home, I recently turned into a Mac user.